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Industry Solutions


AerospaceWith the Aerospace industry currently demanding upon 100% inspection from their tier 1 suppliers, QVI delivers accuracy, repeatability and reliability for the most challenging of measurement tasks. We offer you and your customers the highest level of standards in metrology solutions made to improve your manufacturing processes and allow you to produce the best aerospace components on the market.

From turbine blades, vanes in jet engines and fibre gaskets to cockpit electronics as well as the plastic on tray tables, QVI multi-sensor metrology systems offer the precision needed for aerospace manufacturing of critical components; abiding to the stringent quality specifications of your customers and ensuring the integrity of your quality control processes for a wide range of parts used in and on the aircraft.

Our systems and software enable aerospace manufacturers to routinely carry out both advanced inspection and reporting operations- producing informative data collection as part of the measurement process. Installed QVI machines in the aerospace industry currently help in improving production line performance by solving complex measurement challenges involving commercial aviation, UAVs alongside public and Government-sponsored space programs.

With QVI you will have the ability to demonstrate greater technical capability and the confidence to tackle aerospace demands head-on with optimum control over product quality and delivery.

Certain aerospace component materials are inherently flexible requiring a non-contact measuring method whereby even the most complex components are able to be accurately and quickly defined without damage or distortion.

Our machines empower manufacturers of all industries in measuring every feature of components as efficiently as possible. In many cases our machines measure features that cannot be carried out using conventional and traditional means of inspection due to tight tolerances on feature size, position and form.


AutomotiveComponent precision within the automotive industry is imperative and so as quality standards rapidly rise so too does the need for equipment that allows our customers to verify component accuracy as well as increase throughput.

Some of the biggest names in automotive have chosen QVI's advanced solutions because our machines are accurate, fast, repeatable and most importantly reliable. Our multi-sensor measurement equipment provide optimal results, increasing throughput and proving a fast ROI for automotive businesses.

Reliability, fuel economy and cost reduction continually drive automotive component manufacturers to innovate in design, materials and manufacturing processes. QVI multi-sensor measurement systems offer the CAD integration, throughput and shop floor reliability to enable rapid innovation year after year.

To ensure automotive components remain within the required exacting tolerances we offer the most advanced multi-sensor metrology technology. QVI machines give you the capability to measure all features of a part through a variety of probes and sensors as well as the ability to integrate new sensors now or in the future, meaning your automotive component measurement is adaptable to allow room for your business growth.

With this technology you will be able to measure a wide range of parts for automotive component verification, from the smallest connectors, clips and clamps to engine parts, QVI's vast range of machines can measure it.

By ensuring the integrity of your quality control processes for a wide range of car parts and abiding to the stringent quality specifications of your customers, QVI multi-sensor metrology systems offer the precision required for automotive manufacturing of critical components with a significant improvement in speed and machines to suit a variety of quality needs.

Due to tight tolerances on feature size, position and form in many cases our machines measure features that cannot be carried out using conventional and traditional means of inspection- our multi-sensor metrology solutions empower manufacturers of all industries in providing thorough measurement as efficiently as possible.


EngineeringSpecialized machinery for a wide range of industries demands precision engineering in order to operate and perform with optimal results. Therefore engineering manufacturers strive for utmost precision in their work- making tooling accuracy a priority. Most importantly, engineering companies need to be able to demonstrate that their components adhere to strict, micron-tight tolerances through a verification process that can analyze the acquisition of component surface data down to the last micron. This verification process can only be carried out with world-leading measurement technology to enable engineering companies to guarantee their customers the highest standards of quality.

QVI's industry-leading multi-sensor metrology equipment not only allows for thorough, fast and accurate measurement of your engineering parts but also helps you to analyze your existing processes, enabling you to identify any outstanding inclusions or flaws and gain insight as to how your production line is performing- can it be improved?

With our advanced multi-sensor measurement solutions you will boost measurement throughput, minimize lead times and gain a greater comprehensive appreciation of the quality of your own products.

QVI machine features offer optimum performance in a variety of facility environments, delivering consistently accurate and fast measurement data collection. And because multi-sensor technology is at the center of our metrology solutions many of our machines are able to integrate a number of different sensors such as touch probe, laser, low forced feather probe or nanometre white light sensor to deliver maximum flexibility on selected single machines and can be further enhanced with the option of implementing rotary devices working singularly or in tandem to provide up to five axes of movement.

QVI also provides a wide variety of advanced system software that can offer you extremely powerful yet easy and intuitive use. With the ability to conduct fully automated measurement routines that can be programmed in minutes, while data outputs can be customized to meet personal reporting formats, or used by analysis packages to compute 3D surface profiles, part-to-CAD comparisons and SPC for reverse engineering, your engineering precision will be of the highest standards than ever before.


MedicalMedical devices are in many cases designed to be integrated into the human body, thus component accuracy is imperative. If component dimensions, for example a hip joint replacement, are inaccurate not only is money wasted during production of the part, and the patient's condition prolonged, but also without the correct equipment to identify the production line problem then this error is likely to repeat itself in the future.

Due to the specialized nature in form and function of medical devices and their component parts, they can be extremely small- such as the parts that form a middle ear prostheses for ENT (ear, nose and throat) applications.
Medical device parts are often made to extremely strict tolerances and so measurement systems that characterize these medical devices must be capable of high precision, often to the submicron level.

Orthopaedic implants are one of many medical devices controlled by multiple simultaneous profile tolerances because they are designed to mimic the human form. These prosthetics, which are organically curved in order to fit with both prosthetic and human body parts, can be for anything from a joint to a bone such as a tibia, femoral knee, ankle implants, hip ball joints, and machined plates and screws for repairing skull and bone fractures, to plastic parts used in delicate heart surgeries. Such devices require precision measurements to ensure accuracy. QVI solutions provide the tools to measure complex parts quickly and accurately, with systems and software that comply with FDA requirements.

QVI offers tailor made solutions for all industries by integrating a variety of multi-sensors that are able to measure even the smallest, most complex components, making QVI's advanced metrology technology ideal for medical device manufacturing processes. Our machines are ideal for ensuring high standards of quality are met throughout your manufacturing process, enabling you to feel confident in your products with the knowledge that tight specifications are met.


PlasticsWith the injection molding process posing sheer speed, it's a real challenge to effectively manage quality control in plastics manufacturing. Many plastics will also feature complex parts and will possess a wide range of colors, sizes and textures, meaning manufacturers are challenged with checking statistics effectively without compromising on quality or production schedules.

Automated, non contact video based measuring systems from QVI allows for reliable, fast and effective measurement of both simple plastic parts, and more complex pieces without effecting production.

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