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SNAPSNAP Digital Measuring Technology

Versatile Measuring Machine

SNAP is designed to measure anywhere - from the shop floor to the lab, or as part of an automated work cell. Rugged construction and an open work envelope make SNAP easy to implement in virtually any manufacturing setting.

SNAP Features:

  • Generous 78 mm field of view (standard) | 100 mm field of view (optional)
  • Simple, one-button operation
  • Fully telecentric, single magnification fixed lens optics
  • Enables fast measurement without fixturing, regardless of part orientation
Measuring Unit
Cast aluminum base with nickel plated worktable with 75 mm manual vertical position adjustment and stage lock
Simple program start GO button and illumination controls on machine base
All LED green substage profile light, programmable 8-sector green ring light and optional coaxial surface light
Miscellaneous Options
Motorized Z-axis for programmable focus, fully telecentric dual magnification optics, large field megapixel metrology camera
SNAP-X metrology software

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